July 5




Hello, today i'm going to show you the 10 best wave pools in the world.

After this blog you will be able to go brag to your friends that you know more wave pools then them.

You will be able to see what it looks like and how it works.

So lets get right into it.

  • locatedBristol, Midlands, England
  • PRICE$120(adult) $100(child)
  • link: https://www.thewave.com/book-now/

9. the wave, Bristol wave pool

The wave in Bristol is one of the most cheapest wave pools in the world.

It's a right and a left so you can practice each stance (back hand or four hand)

Its got multiple settings such as:

INTERMEDIATE SURF SESSION, advanced surf session, advanced plus surf session, expert turns session and expert barrel session.
  • locatedYeppoon, QLD, Australia
  • cost per wave: $500
  • link: https://www.surflakes.com/

8. surf lakes Yeppoon wave pool

The surf lakes Yeppoon wave pool is one of the most expensive artificial waves in the world but if you have the money and the time definitely worth getting the best wave of your life.

The've spent between 5-10 years building the best little wedge to get the best barrel of your life.

They've spent well over 30 million Dollars  in the building and designing of the artificial wave.

  • locatedPRAIA DA GRAMA, itupeva, sao paulo, brasil
  • price: $40 
  • link: https://wavegarden.com/facilities/praia-da-grama/

7. Brasil, wave garden, wave pool

The wave garden wave pool is one of the best air wave pools in the world.

Its home to some of the best surfers on the planet such as Italo Ferreira, Gabriel Medina and Felipe Toledo.

It is now crowned the best wave pool in all of Brasil.

6.  Surf Stadium Japan and Kobe Reyes

  • locatedShizunami, Tokyo
  • price: $85 
  • link: https://wavepoolmag.com/almost-all-you-need-to-know-japans-favorite-wave-pool/#:~:text=The%20Lowdown%3A%20Shizunami%20is%20a,an%20existing%20natural%20surfing%20location.

This Japan wave pool is easily one of the best wave pools in the world.

The stab high was just recently held at the japan wave pool so you know that its  first class.

The barrels are the most steep but hollow tubes you'll ever see and the ramp are so perfect you could do 5-10ft airs.

5. palm springs, wave pool

  • locatedPalm Springs, California
  • price: $150 
  • link: https://palmspringssurfclub.com/surf/

The palm springs wave pool has recently been upgraded to be easily 10 times better.

now it is a hollow little wedge so you can practice both ways and get the best tubes of your life.

it use to be a weak little ramp now its turned in to te best little wedge out there. 

4. urban surf, Melbourne

  • located: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
  • price: $120 
  • link: https://support.urbnsurf.com/hc/en-us

The urban surf in Melbourne has been around for years and is still deemed one of the best wave pools in the world.

Its been tested and tested by professional surfers to make sure its world standard.

All the pro's are saying its easily top 10 worthy.

3. urban surf, Sydney

  • located: sYDNEY, NSW, Australia
  • price: $120 
  • link: https://support.urbnsurf.com/hc/en-us

The urban surf in Sydney has just been opened to the public.

They're already getting very good compliments by the public and they're saying its the best wave pool in all of Australia.

They also have  multiple different settings like the rest of them but has a slightly more powerful wave.  

2. Waco surf, wave pool

  • located: Texes, America
  • price: $65 
  • link: https://www.wacosurf.com/surf-center/

Waco surf wave pool has the best air ramp in the world.

Every pro in America will go to Waco to make sure they do the best airs as possible.

They go there to perfect their airs to be as good as possible.

They also have barrels and beginner setting to suit your level.

1. surf ranch, wave pool

  • located: Lemoore, California, America
  • price: $10,000 
  • link: https://www.kswaveco.com/

The surf ranch has easily made this spot.

Although there isn't a air setting it is the most perfect barrel in the world, it go for miles with a clean open face that you can still do air or turns on.

It has been perfected by the owner and the best surfer on the planet Kelly Slater.

So if you book a session you might not only get the best wave of your entire life you might also get to meet the the best surfer to ever live Kelly Slater.