Is My Little Sister Better at Surfing Than Me? Surfing Wahi NZ


Surfing is a sport that requires skill, practice, and patience.BUT THAT DOSENT MEAN MY SISTER CAN BE BETTER THAN ME. For one surfer in Wahi NZ, that comparison is to their little sister. But is she really better at surfing than her older brother? There is some sibling rivalry tension brewing as they both compete for the top spot in the water.

Factors to Consider:

Natural Talent vs. Hard Work:

  • The older sibling has always believed that they were the more naturally gifted surfer.
  • However, their little sister seems to be progressing at an alarming rate, and her natural talent cannot be ignored.
  • The older sibling has always worked hard to improve their skills and technique, but it's becoming clear that their little sister's natural talent is giving her an edge.


  • The older sibling has been surfing for several years, which means they've had more time to develop their skills and learn the ins and outs of the sport.
  • As the younger sibling continues to improve, the older brother is beginning to worry that their years of experience may not be enough to keep up with his sister.

Personal Opinion:

  • The older sibling is feeling frustrated and unsure of their place in the surfing world.
  • They value hard work and dedication, but it's difficult to deny the impact of natural talent.
  • The younger sibling seems to have a more carefree approach to surfing, which is causing the older sibling to question their own dedication to the sport.