blog post.

It was a hot sunny day so decided to go for a skate at arataki skate park

.We hade quite alot of boards in the back of the van so we thought we could test and rate the boards.

As fast as we could we grabed the skate boards and  the GOPRO and started to skate.First board was a santa cruz complete afer a few tricks I decided to go get another board.

This board was a toy machine complete in my head i knew i rated it a bit to low i thought it was a 9/10 because it just  clicked it just stayed on my feet it felt so good i didn't even fall off.

This next board was made to make surfers better at surfing.If you look closely the trucks are a bit different to other skate boards.

they are made really wobbly so you can pump and do turns.

Now this board I didn't think I was going to use.It is a blind complete it is my sisters board my feet are to big for it so it felt quite weird. 

After that we decided to rap things up and go home.