On our trip to Waihi we heard rumour of a secret surf spot close by, offering up perfect little wedgy barrels - my favourite. 

And after a little digging around we managed to get some info as to where this spot was located. 

It wasn't too far away, but getting there required a 40 minute hike over untouched farmland to get there. 

I was phsyching, and couldn't wait to go search out this new spot.

Read on for more info.


We were driving down to Waihi and then we realised that there was a secret beach that little few know about.

We had heard about it from some friends so we thought we should try it for our self.

We were driving up a big, long, winding road until we got to the top. We grabbed our surfboard and wetsuits and started the journey down the 40+minutes hill.After 5 minutes or so we came across some cows.

We tried to pat and feed them. BUT they didn't let us so we kept on walking, then a big muddy path was right-there.

We knew we should have came more prepared with shoes.All we had was some crocs.

So I balanced on a stick.So I wouldn't get as muddy. We came across a little water fall, bigger water fall we were certain we were close.


We walked down some stairs to a view of the beach. "Me and my sister Alba ran down as fast as possible" once we got there I immediately  sliped my wetsuit on and got out there.

 They were wedging up perfect barrels!!!my first wave I got barred.But... we didn't have the GOPRO!!! after four hours of the best wave in my life.

We came in and ran into the biggest water fall yet.Falling from the top of the mountain all of those little water falls led up to this big one. 

We took the GOPRO in the water fall. After that we had to get back before dark but we didn't film that because it started to get sketchy.

So that was the trip to one of the  top secret spots in new zealand.