July 2



I've searched the internet so you don't have to.

Here are the most famous surfers on the planet.


Gerry Lopez


  • stance: goofy
  • location: Bend, Oregon, usa
  • date of birth: November 7 ,1948

Gerry Lopez is easily one of the most famous surfers in the world.

By discovering the most famous surf break in the world Banzi, pipeline.

Back in the day gerry Lopez  had one of the biggest  shaping brands called lightning bolt.


Shane Dorian


  • stance: regular
  • location: Holualoa, Hawaii
  • date of birth: July 19, 1972

Shane Dorian has eared his spot in the most famous surfers in the world.

Shane was in the most famous surf film in history good times  with also some more of the most famous surfers in the world in the film.

In December 2010, Shane  Dorian had a terrifying wipeout at Mavericks in a two-wave hold-down that almost killed him.


Dane Reynolds


  • stance: regular
  • location: the central coats of California
  • date of birth: September 7, 1985

dane has made surfing fun for everyone.

back in the day dane Reynolds  had the best video creating on the internet doing it all by himself.

Dane use to be on the campionship tour competing against the most famous surfers in the world.



Mark Occhilupo


  • stance: goofy
  • location: bilambil, heights, new south wales
  • date of birth: june 16 1966

Occy  has inspired many across the globe with his amazing style and out look on a wave.

Occy is a former professional surfer, as he was on the world championship tour at only 17 years old.

Now occy is helping the younger generation to help the sport surfing.


Joel Parkinson


  • stance: regular
  • location: tweed heads, new south wales, australia 
  • date of birth: april 10, 1981

Joel Parkinson has well deserved this spot in the most famous surfers in the world.

Joel parkinson is a former pro on the wct (world championship tour) with 3 event wins and one world titel at the billabong pipe maters.

And now is trying his best to inspire kids around the world and is definitely doing so.


Bethany hamilton


  • stance: goofy
  • locationkauai, hawaii, 
  • date of birth: February 8, 1990 

we couldn't have this list without adding Bethany Hamilton.

Bethany Hamilton is a former professional surfer on the wct with only one arm she has proven every one wrong with her amazing read on a wave that you just cant ignore.

she has now retired and has a husband named Adam dirks, 3 sons and 1 daughter.


Alana Blanchard


  • stance: regular
  • locationkauai, hawaii, 
  • date of birth: march 5, 1990 

Alana has is a former pro and best friends with Bethany Hamilton.

now is fully invested into her youtube account which now has over 100k subscribers and and also fully invested into her family.


Julian Wilson


  • stance: regular
  • location: newcastle, nSW, australia 
  • date of birth: November 8, 1988 

Julian Wilson is a former pro suffer and now surfs for fun and also as a bonus has  two young children and a wife, instead of “chasing trophies and money," he hit the breaks on his career to put “real life stuff” first.


Mick Fanning


  • stance: regular
  • locationgold coast, nSW, australia 
  • date of birth: june 13, 1981

mick fanning had to be on this list of the most famous surfers in the world since he's won. 3 word titles and 10 events.

now chose to stop competing and just have his head set on his family of three.

Also back in 2015 at Jbay he had a terrifying shark attack and was beyond lucky to walk away, then he gets back in the water 2-3 weeks after the incident and the first time he go's back in the water he see's another giant shark about 20ft away from him.


Bruce Irons


  • stance: regular
  • locationHanalei, Kauai  
  • date of birth: November 16, 1979

Bruce Irons is now a former pro surfer.

He now lives in kauai with Lyndie Irons and is still surfing every day.

he is still sponsored by Oakley sunglass and Volcom.



Felipe Toledo


  • stance: regular
  • locationsan clemente, California
  • date of birth: april 16 1995

Felipe Toledo has definitely eared this spot in the most famous surfers in the world since he's won 2 world tites and 17 events.

he is now crowned the best surfer at Lower Tresels.

he now has a family of four with his wife Amanda Macal and two kids Mahina and Koa but hasn't stoped competing and doesn't know yet when he wants to retire.



Gabriel Medina


  • stance: goofy
  • locationMaresias, São Paulo, Brazil
  • date of birth: december 22, 1993 

Gabriel Medina has easily earn't this spot in the most famous surfers in the world his trophies will speak for him 3 world tites and 18 event wins.

Now has a wife Yasmin Brunet and is still on tour not missing any events.

He is easily considered one of the best aerialists ever.


Carissa Moore 


  • stance: regular
  • location: Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii
  • date of birth: august 27, 1992

everyone know's Carissa Moore with her 5 world titles and over 28 event wins yeah thats her and also earned this 9th place in the most famous surfers int he world.

She is now happily retired and making the most of her life with her husband Luke Untermann.


Lisa Andersen 


  • stance: regular
  • location: san Clemente, California, USA  
  • date of birth: March 8, 1969

Lisa is without a doubt eared this spot.

now at 55 years old still surfing and enjoying life at its simplest.

she is now married to former professional baseball player Tim Shannon and has a son named Erica.


Eddie Aikau 


  • stance: regular
  • locationKauai, Hawaii 
  • date of birth: March 17, 1978

Eddie was not only a professional big wave surfer but also a lifeguard at Waimea Bay he saved over 500 people.

Now they've horned him at a contest at Waimea bay called the Eddie Aikau when the swell is gigantic they get the best big wave surfers from around the world as a ceremony and they compete with there lives at stake.


Billy Kemper 


  • stance: regular
  • locationHaiku, Hawaii
  • date of birth: April 14, 1990

billy kemper is one of the most famous big wave surfers to ever surf the planet.

billy has won 3 big wave competitions and is still surfing and competing to this day.

in 2020billy had one of the worst wipeouts ever he endured a near-fatal wipeout in the waters off of Morocco and broke his pelvis, collapsed lung, destroyed knee and cracked ribs.

he just about survived and is now surfing every day with his four kids and wife Tahiti Hernandez.


Jamie o'brien 


  • stance: regular
  • location: Haleiwa, Oahu, Hawaii Banzai Pipeline
  • date of birth: June 9, 1983

Jamie O'Brien is a former pro surfer surfing against Kelly Slater, Dane Reynolds and many more...

He is now sponsored by Red Bull and has a youtube channel that has over 1.2 million subscribers.

He is now happily married to Tina Cohel 

He says he's never going to stop surfing and making videos until the day he dies.


Andy Irons


  • stance: regular
  • location: Hanalei, Kauai, Hawaii
  • date of birth: July 24 1978

Andy irons is an icon to our sport surfing it wouldn't be what it is today without him.

He was the only one who could beat Kelly Slater.

Him and Kelly where rivals since day one kept pushing each other to greatness with out them knowing it.

He then sadly passed away at 32 years old from drug overdose.

But still people look up to him as the only one good enough to stand a chance against Kelly Slater.


John John Florence


  • stance: regular
  • location: Hale'iwa, Hawaii
  • date of birth: October 8, 1992

John John has easily earn't this spot in the most famous surfers in the world.

John John has now won 2 world titels and 9 events.

He is by far the best on the rail and absolutely amazing in the air.

He's not got any signs of retiring and only geting better by the day.

Now John John is traveling around the world to each competition on the WCT, if he's not competing then he's traveling to different surf spots with his two brothers Ivan and Nathan.


Stephanie Gilmore


  • stance: regular
  • location: gold coast, NSW, Australia
  • date of birth: January, 1988

Steph is a WCT champion with 8 world titles and 21 event wins.

She now has the record for the most women's world titles with no one even close.

She is still competing and only getting better.

Now Steph is competing, traveling and living live at it's best.


Kelly Slater


  • stance: regular
  • location: Cocoa Beach, Florida, U.S
  • date of birth: February 11, 1972

Of course, it's the one the only Kelly Slater.

Kelly just retired at 52 years old and still competes when he can get a wild card.

After the years have gone by he has won 11 world titles and over 54 events (world record for the most world tiles and most event wins)

He is now still surfing every day and putting some time away for his personal brand outerknown.

But he is fully invested in making the best dad he can be for his new son on the way.


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